Tree Trimming & Pruning

in the Chesapeake, OH Area

Offering Quality Tree Trimming Services

Do you have tree branches that are encroaching upon your view? Have a tree whose limbs are touching electrical lines? Just want to give an older tree shape? Call on Mayo Family Tree Service for quality tree trimming services. We trim away thick and unruly branches to help make trees more beautiful in Chesapeake, Huntington, Barboursville, Proctorville, and the surrounding areas. We have knowledge of and experience working with all types of trees. We specialize in trees that are in hard-to-access areas, such as hanging over your roof or near utility wires. Just let us know what kind of tree trimming you want, and our team can make it happen.

Give Mayo Family Tree Service a call today! We offer 24/7 emergency tree trimming service for when your trees experience storm damage and you need it taken care of right away. Contact us: (740) 550-6436.

Pruning Helps Keep Your Shrubs Healthy

If you have shrubs or other ornamental bushes on your property, keeping them healthy and beautiful is a matter of regular maintenance. It is important to make sure these plants are well-watered, getting the proper sunlight, and fertilized, but trimming and pruning should also be major parts of your maintenance schedule. An amateur arborist may do more harm than good when pruning your shrubs, so you should always make sure you call the professionals at Mayo Family Tree Service for knowledgeable, experienced pruning. We get rid of dead or diseased branches and trim the bush into shape while avoiding damaging the healthy parts of it.

Crown Reduction Available for Professional Tree Shaping

The bigger a tree gets, the heavier the branches get, and more stress is put on the tree. Crown reduction is a type of pruning that can help relieve stress due to weight on a tree to help it survive better in an environment or to help provide less shade and more light. Our goal with crown reduction is to always keep the original shape and frame of the tree’s crown so that it retains a significant amount of leaves. You never want to remove a bulk of a tree’s leaves, because the leaves are what allows a tree to photosynthesize—less photosynthesis leads to a weaker tree. Keep your tree strong while still shrinking your tree’s footprint with crown reduction services from Mayo Family Tree Services.
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