Tree Removal, Pruning, & More

for the Barboursville, WV, Area

We Offer Tree & Stump Removal Near Barboursville

Do you need experienced tree removal services in the Barboursville area? Give Mayo Family Tree Service a call! We have plenty of experience removing a wide variety of types and sizes of trees, including ones that are in hard-to-reach areas. Whether the tree hangs over your house or has utility lines running through it, we can absolutely remove it.

We also can provide fast and efficient stump removal. Using our powerful stump grinder, we grind away the stump up to one inch under the ground. This makes sure that the stump is completely gone and allows the remaining roots to die off. You can trust us to clean up the mess before we leave! Contact us today for skilled tree removal: (740) 550-6436.

Shape Up Your Property with Pruning & Tree Trimming

When your bushes, shrubs, or trees start to look overgrown and wild, call us for quality tree trimming and pruning services. We trim heavy, unruly branches to help your tree keep its shape and to provide better structural stability. Our team specializes in working with trees that are in difficult-to-reach places, and we can even remove trees that have power lines running through them. We are more than happy to discuss your trimming and pruning needs with you when you call.

Affordable, Professional Crane Rentals

We offer quality crane rental services for area contractors who need cranes for a variety of projects. Our trucks are perfect for maintenance and contractors teams that need to install or lift out air conditioning units, trusses, beams, hot tubs, or other heavy objects. We know that you want the quality equipment you can rely on, so we have the latest models of bucket truck and cranes from trusted manufacturers, and our team takes the time to maintain every piece of equipment we rent out.

Repair & Removal of Storm Damage on Barboursville Properties

Trees are easily damaged in storms across the Barboursville area. High winds, heavy snow, and other harsh weather can snap or uproot the trees on your property. Call Mayo Family Tree Service for emergency services when you experience storm damage. We come to you 24/7 to take care of all types of emergency tree repairs and removal. If your tree is still standing and is strong, but has a broken limb, our team can repair the tree’s crown and reshape it so that the damage is not noticeable. Call us 24/7 for emergency tree removal you can count on: (740) 550-6436.

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